23 Mayıs 2013

EMCC Toplantilari - IZMIR | 23 Mayis 2013


Julie Hay ile yonetici koclugu uzerine bir sohbet ve IK yöneticileri gözünden "kurumsal hayatta Yonetici Koclugu uygulamalari" paneli

Degerli uyelerimiz ve dostlarimiz,

23 Mayis’ta EMCC Turkiye bir ilke imza atacagiz: EMCC Toplantilari Izmir'de... Hem de cok degerli konusmaci konuklarimiz ile yonetici koclugunun is dunyasindaki yeri, basarili uygulamalari ve faydalari uzerine bir panel duzenliyor olacagiz... Bu vesile ile EMCC kurucularindan ve eski baskanlarindan Julie Hay tekrar ulkemizde olacak, ancak bu sefer sadece Izmir'de....


Konuk konusmacilar ve panelistler:

    Prof Dr Julie Hay (*)


Basak Ertas,                        Inci Holding      -  IK Muduru


Nilgün Esinli,                       Bosch Turkiye   - IK Muduru


Yasemin Akkozak Erbey,   Socotab Tutun  -  IK Muduru      &  Peryon Ege Subesi Yonetim Kurulu Uyesi


Digdem Pelikli,                    Esbas                 - IK Sorumlusu &  Peryon Ege Subesi Yonetim Kurulu Uyesi



Dr. Riza Kadilar, EMCC Turkiye Yonetim Kurulu Baskani



Swissotel, Izmir


23 Mayis 2013


16.30 - 19.00



(*) Julie Hay Hakkında:


About Julie Hay and her speech: 

Professor Julie Hay is a Chartered Manager of the Chartered Management Institute and a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Personnel & Development in the UK.  She has over 40 years managerial and consultancy experience in the public and private sectors and has trained managers, consultants and trainers in many areas of the world.  She has a postgraduate diploma in management and a masters degree for research into managerial characteristics, is an internationally accredited trainer in neuro-linguistic programming and in transactional analysis with organisational and educational specialisms, and is a prolific author of books on people skills and organisational change.  She also designs simulations for training and development purposes.

Since establishing her own company in 1986, Ms Hay has consulted and trained in sectors as varied as banking and insurance, engineering and construction, research, advertising, computer manufacturing and IT, major retail chains, pharmaceutical multinationals, local government, police, probation, prison, court, customs and taxation services, and the armed forces.  She has also been a volunteer forensc psychotherapist in high security male prisons.

Professor Hay leads an MSc in Developmental Transactional Analysis that includes specialist option for coaches, consultants and managers; she has been teaching such topics internationally for over 25 years, including in several Eastern European countries and in Turkey.  

Ms Hay was one of the founder members of EMCC and served as EMCC President 2006-2008.


During this session, Professor Hay will provide an overview of 4 themes:

Perspectives and cultures – the various formats of coaching/mentoring and how they might fit your organisation

Change Management – the processes of human development and how your organisation can best manage change

The Need for Challenge – why do we needs coaches/mentors to overcome our blind spots

Effective Contracting – ensuring clear agreements between stakeholders so that coach/mentoring proceeds effectively

This will be a pragmatic session, allowing you to consider how your organisation might utilise coaching or mentoring.  The models presented are based on robust psychological theories as applied in practical situations.  There will be the chance to apply the frameworks to your own circumstances and to share ideas with others.