EMCC Turkey Coaching & Mentoring Workshops 1

22 Haziran 2011

EMCC Turkey Coaching & Mentoring Workshops 1

22 June 2011
10.00 - 15.00

"Psychological coaching" by JULIE HAY

With an introduction by
Dr. Riza Kadilar, President, EMCC Turkey

About the workshop:
An awareness of the psychological dynamics within coaching relationships is important whether the coaching itself is executive, business, life, existential or any other title. It can also be helpful to equip clients with psychological awareness so they can analyse their relationships, whether with work colleagues or friends and family. During this workshop Julie Hay will present theoretical concepts from developmental and psychotherapeutic transactional analysis, interwoven with ideas from neuro-linguistic programming and schema therapy. This will be presented in ways suitable for application by the coach and with simplified versions for explaining to clients. In addition to examples provided by Julie, there will be opportunities to work on your own examples and to learn from discussion with other participants.


About Julie Hay:
Julie Hay is an internationally accredited Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst (Organisational & Educational) and a licensed NLP Trainer. She is also a student on an MSc in TA Psychotherapy and a volunteer counsellor in two high-security UK prisons. She was one of the 5 original founder members of EMCC and served as President 2006-2008. Her consulting work has included the introduction of corporate coach/mentoring schemes and she provides face-to-face and e-supervision to practitioners in several countries. She leads a programme in Istanbul for coaches and other helping professionals, leading to Certificate/Diploma/CTA certification in
Developmental Transactional Analysis and is soon to launch an MSc in Developmental TA accredited by a UK university. Julie is a prolific author on subjects such as TA, NLP, assessment/development centres and coach/mentoring.