MENTORING with David Clutterbuck

11 Eylül 2014

MENTORING  with David Clutterbuck

11 September 2014, Grand Hyatt Taksim at 18.30 - 21.00

Professor David Clutterbuck is one of Europe's most prolific authors and thinkers on management.   He is the author or co-author of over 50 books on HR and management, and is visiting professor in coaching and mentoring at both Oxford Brookes and Sheffield Hallam Universities and an external examiner on the Ashridge coaching MBA.  David pioneered developmental mentoring 30 years ago and his work has been a foundation for much of the work on mentoring done outside the Americas.

David has assisted thousands of companies around the world in creating effective, sustainable mentoring programmes.  His recurrent theme is that improving the quality of conversations helps people and organisations make better decisions and helps achieve ambitions. He is a serial entrepreneur and practises what he preaches, setting himself a major learning challenge every year. He is listed in the top 15 of "HR's most influential".

The workshop will be in English.



About the workshop:

This workshop is aimed at everybody who is currently, or is considering implementing mentoring programmes within their organisation or is interested in working as a mentor.

In our workshop David will present a brief summary of his insights on mentoring.  This will include –

•             What international good practice looks like both in individual mentoring relationships and in the design/ delivery of effective mentoring programmes – based on the International Standards for Mentoring Programmes in Employment

•             The two global models of mentoring (sponsorship and developmental) and how to work with each of these

•             Mentoring and coaching – how they differ and how they can be used to support each other

•             The wide spread of mentoring applications, both in the workplace and within communities

•             How mentoring relationships develop

•             Measurement issues – trouble-shooting, continuous improvement and demonstrating return on investment

•             Mentoring as part of a coaching and mentoring culture

•             What can go wrong? Forestalling the most common problems.

We will also have our usual opportunity for questions and interactions with David and with each other.


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