25 Mayıs 2011

EMCC Toplantilari | 25 Mayis 2011


"Developing Managers" to Support People Strategy at Avon Cosmetics

Hizla gelisen kocluk ve mentorluk mesleki calismalarinda son gelismeleri takip etmek, Turkiye'deki yerel calismalari zenginlestirmek ve cok yonlu bakis acisi kazandirmak icin bu konudaki birikimlerin paylasilacagi bir platform olusturmak amaciyla EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council) Turkiye olarak sizleri aramizda gormekten mutluluk duyacagiz.



Canan Karacan       AVON, HR Director of Turkey and North Africa


Ozge Koca       CCTR Coaching Consulting Training & Research, Owner



Dr. Riza Kadilar, EMCC Turkiye Yonetim Kurulu Baskani

Sunum sonrasi yapilacak atolye calismasi ile konuklarimizin daha aktif katilimi saglanacaktir.


Grand Hyatt, Taksim


25 Mayis 2011


19.00 - 21.00


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Panelistler Hakkinda

Canan Karacan is the HR Director of Turkey and North Africa & Middle East in Avon. She joined Avon in 1998 as Human Resources Specialist and took local and regional managerial roles during her career in Avon. She was the Project Leader for designing an accelerated development program for Senior managers in the WEMEA Region in 2008. Currently she is co-leading a Global program design for developing high potential sales managers to Head of Sales positions. She is a Bogazici University Psychology graduate.

Ozge Koca studied Psychology at the Koc University. She is the owner of CCTR Coaching Consulting Training & Research since 2004. She focuses her work on development of behavior in the business world and designs customized development programs for managers in various companies.

"Developing Managers" to Support People Strategy at Avon Cosmetics

The Corporate Executive Board study shows that employees who receive fair and accurate feedback from their managers perform nearly 40% better than others who don't feel that the feedback they receive is fair and accurate.

This session's objective is to share with you an example of a practical learning that focuses on "developing managers" to support company's people strategy. By a long-term investment on enhancing managers' feedback and coaching skills, Avon Cosmetics aimed to develop and retain talent, to strengthen bench and to increase engagement of both managers and Associates.
This specific development journey for managers started with formal management trainings on performance management, competency development, giving & receiving feedback, communication skills and coaching. We believed in that one cannot become fully competent in these skills by only reading or attending theoretical trainings. Hence, to build "the muscle" the most important tool for us is to continue the skill building with experiential learning. The focus continued with several practical sessions and group coaching in small groups with regular intervals. The initiative has been resulting in engaged managers with more competence and confidence in their management styles, engaged Associates who were regularly touched by "coaching" managers and strengthened talent processes via regularly tracked talents with well-structured development forms & tools.

The presentation will also briefly focus on the highlights in designing such an intervention for managers from the consultant's point of view; giving clues to things that have to be taken into consideration while training and coaching managers in such a program.